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oncoReveal Solid Tumor Panel

The oncoReveal Solid Tumor v2 Panel is a robust 48-gene assay that simultaneously tests for key mutations present in solid tumors, including NSCLC, colorectal, melanoma, endometrial, pancreatic, GIST, bladder, thyroid, and gliomas. Additionally, genes with potential importance in immuno-oncology such as POLD1 and POLE are analyzed. The panel uses proprietary Stem-Loop Inhibition-Mediated amplification (SLIMampĀ®) technology, a tiled amplicon-based library prep chemistry for efficient single-tube target enrichment.
oncoReveal Solid Tumor v2 Panel (48 genes)

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Pillar Biosciences' oncoReveal Multi-Cancer Panel performs congruently with the VAF % of Competitor X with an R squared of .9336
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