Proprietary NGS Platform Agnostic Technology that Delivers Accurate, Timely and Robust Results

Simple, streamlined NGS workflows Providing actionable clinical treatment decisions.

Pillar Biosciences' NGS Technology Platform

Pillar oncoReveal Workflow

Accurate Amplification with SLIMamp

Western blot of how Pillar Biosciences' SLIMamp 2-plex w/ tagged primer pairs compairs to conventional 2-plex w/ primer pairs and a mix of amplicons 1&2. SLIMamp identfies both amplicons, while the conventional 2-plex just recognizes an overlapping amplicon.

Reproducible Performance

Pillar Biosciences' oncoReveal Multi-Cancer Panel performs congruently with the VAF % of Competitor X with an R squared of .9336

Accurate Even in the Presence of DNA Damage

Pillar Biosciences' Precise allele frequency detection from compromised FFPE

Simple Bioinformatics Workflow

Pillar Biosciences PiVAT bioinformatics worfklow: 1) Align to genome, 2) Local realignment, filtering, and read assembly, 3) Proprietary variant calling
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